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Spotted on Pinterest: A young woman with impeccable taste in bangle bracelets, shoes, and — in my humble opinion — literature! 12071244_1662302550723624_1222372111_n
“I am enjoying the beautiful Fall day outside and nearing the end of The Longest Night by Andria Williams. What an interesting story….my kind of book.”

Enjoy the Fall weather, kind reader, and your book!

new blurb from author David Abrams

“It’s hard to believe The Longest Night is Andria Williams’s debut novel. Her command of language, character, and plot—the three essential ingredients for a riveting read—is extraordinary. The Longest Night is about the fragility of a marriage, a Cold War nuclear accident on the plains of Idaho, and the stresses on a military family during deployment, and it takes on each of those things with all the robust storytelling energy of the great Russian novelists of the nineteenth century. This is the book I will be pressing into my friends’ hands this year when they ask me what they should be reading.—David Abrams, author of Fobbit


I’m grateful to David Abrams (author of the hilarious, brilliant Fobbit and the man behind The Quivering Pen, a terrific blog about books) for these kind words. He also listed The Longest Night as one of his “Favorite Books of 2015 (So Far)” — I’ll gladly tolerate his slight cheating on my little book’s behalf even though it doesn’t technically come out ’til early 2016. I love how he paired a quote with the cover image:

The Longest Night
by Andria Williams

It was improper to be lonely; it was improper to be bored; it was improper, most of all, to be filled with anything like longing.


The Longest Night

Huge thanks to anyone who stopped by here on the suggestion of Siobhan Fallon — one of my favorite writers and an invaluable supporter of military spouses. I’m the author of a novel called THE LONGEST NIGHT (Random House, 2016).

THE LONGEST NIGHT is set in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1959. A young Army nuclear specialist named Paul Collier arrives in Idaho with his family — wife Nat and two young daughters — in tow. Fresh out of reactor school at Ft. Belvoir, he’s been assigned to a small training reactor at the Idaho testing station. It should be a fairly straightforward job, but his incompetent boss, Sgt. Richards, causes a world of trouble for Paul while his boss’s unhappy wife, Jeannie, makes life hard for Nat. When Paul’s suddenly sent on deployment, Nat’s loneliness — and the prying eyes of the Richardses — threaten her marriage, while problems at the reactor pose danger for the whole town.

While a work of fiction, THE LONGEST NIGHT is based around events that unfolded at the SL-1 reactor in Idaho Falls on January 3rd, 1961 — the U.S.’s first and only fatal nuclear reactor accident.

David R. Gillham, author of City of Women, has said, “The author’s thrilling storyline will keep you turning the pages, while her ability to inject a sharp dose of hope, fear and desire into the most innocent of scenes will take you captive. I loved it.”

And Julie Schumacher, author of Dear Committee Members, wrote, “Engrossing, witty, dynamic, and beautifully written, The Longest Night is a real-life literary thrill ride that unfolds in the shadow of a poorly functioning nuclear reactor. Andria Williams’ characters — particularly the 1960s military wives — are portrayed with extraordinary intimacy. This is a lovely, harrowing, and original novel; you will want to read it in a single night.”

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