Debut Novels of 2016

“The Longest Night by Andria Williams – I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but Andria Williams’s debut novel is one I have thought about a lot this year. Maybe it’s because it’s from a different era than many historical fictions. Maybe it’s because of the imagining of the Sand Point nuclear meltdown. Or, maybe it’s because of the brilliant portrayal of a marriage in trouble. Whatever it is, The Longest Night is one of the books I have most recommended to friends this past year!” — Susie, ‘Novel Visits,’ “Ten Best Novels of 2016”

One thought on “Debut Novels of 2016

  1. Thank you for this flashback to the early sixties. Just a few glitches which you have probably already seen: pantyhose and garter on the same Jeannie Richards, pages 193 and 195 in the paperback edition, plus a few “all he’d drank”, but maybe it was the character himself making a grammatical error, like “Her and her sister”.

    Your description of the life of a military wife is genuine.

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