2 thoughts on “Review in LA Review of Books

  1. What a marvelous story. The characters are real, the various storylines threading through the disaster waiting to happen are realistic and have stunning depth. I was intrigued by the laugh-out-loud descriptions peppered throughout and the perfect depiction of the age in which the story takes place. I was appalled that I had never heard of the Idaho Falls disaster and will search out that history…you are right, the only incident I knew of was the 3-Mile Island disaster. A good story in the telling; it would make a terrific movie as well. Congratulations on this fine piece of work. Will refer the title on to my book-reading friends. Good luck on your next endeavor because surely there will be another!

    • Carole, thank you for reading, and thank you for taking the further step to leave such a thoughtful comment! I love hearing from readers. And if I’m gonna be really honest, let me say: I’m especially happy to hear from people who got my sense of humor.

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