Pub Day! and a Big Thank You to Readers

Here we are, Pub Day! The Longest Night hits bookshelves today. It feels strange and exciting to finally reach this point. I started writing when I was about five years old. I have wanted to be a novelist ever since that time, and it took about three decades, but it’s happened.

The run-up to publication has been a happy one, with The Longest Night named a Barnes and Noble “Discover Great New Authors” pick and the Amazon “Featured Debut” for January 2016. I’m very grateful for all this, but the book would be nothing without the most important folks of all — the READERS! So thank you for your interest, thank you for reading, thank you for your love of what I think is some of the best stuff in the world: books, and talking about them.

For more on The Longest Night and my writing process, check out a piece I wrote yesterday for (“Men at Work: The Unexpected Freedom of Writing Male Characters“), read a review I just love on Peter Molin’s fabulous blog Time Now, and read an interview with me on Deborah Kalb’s “Book Q&A” blog.

The Longest Night is available at your local independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and through Amazon as a new release/pick of the month! (Ten bucks off the hardcover right now– don’t miss it!)

Big thanks to everyone who’s read, commented, or posted reviews – I’m grateful for all of it.



2 thoughts on “Pub Day! and a Big Thank You to Readers

  1. Found an error on pg 8. In first line, “———a damp spot showing at the small of HIS back” . Think this refers to Liddie who is a girl!
    loved the description of the blueberry pie filling. I may never use it again! Liking book. Only at page 44

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